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Klaus Lange

What no one else can see...

... I seem to find and internalize. When it has matured in my mind, sometimes years later, it forces it’s way out by way of art. I will try to express it on canvas or paper, with oils or crayons, with pen or with camera. Sometimes I will create it as poetry, or with food in ships’ galleys and grand cuisines, or sing it out loud, or create it as fashion. Everything eventually expresses as art.

A few short years ago my new-found abstract expressionism came through photography. Suddenly my camera became the designated paintbrush and my canvasses were hulls of ships filled with unexpected color and exciting possibilities. I found my artistic voice. In a very short time I also found my teachers and my mentors, and museums and galleries, and collectors and fans. Or perhaps they found me. Who knows? This website is for you and for them. Enjoy!